By AKFA Group Investment LLC
Who Are We?

Unlocking Your Dream Home

AKFA Real Estate stands as a towering presence in the world of commercial real estate services and investment. Our reputation as a leading global player in leasing, property sales, outsourcing, property management, and valuation is second to none. With a firm grip on the #1 global market position, we are a beacon of excellence in the industry.

What sets us apart is our unique ability to combine the robust support and vast resources of a global powerhouse with the agility and innovative spirit of an entrepreneurial endeavor. This fusion of strengths allows us to not only meet but exceed the diverse needs and expectations of our clients and partners.

At AKFA Real Estate, we don’t just sell properties; we unlock dreams and aspirations. Our portfolio extends far beyond traditional real estate services. We are in the business of activating spaces, transforming properties into vibrant, thriving hubs of activity and commerce.

Our Capabilities

What we do?

At AKFA Real Estate, our mission is clear: to redefine and elevate the real estate experience for our clients and partners. We do this by offering a comprehensive range of services that cover every facet of the real estate industry.


We specialize in connecting businesses, property owners, and investors, ensuring the right fit for all parties involved.


Property Sales

Whether you’re buying or selling, our dedicated team provides expert guidance and support throughout the process.


Property Management

From maintenance and tenant relations to financial reporting, our property management services are tailored to your needs.